Trabant rentals and services

Our Trabant 601 fleet contains 44 vehicles in various colors. All of our vehicles are in the best condition technically and visually. Our mechanic, Mr. Frank will answer all your questions.He is responsible for the regular maintenance .He has also been a member of thr Trabant Union since 1976.

All vehicles have liability and comprehensive insurance. The deductable (in case of an accident) is 150 €.

  • Trabant Driving - with a Berlin Guide.
      • First, choose a Trabant..
      • You will get an explanation of how to use the gears, breaks, etc. and then you will start driving: push the clutch, start the car, try all the gears, then let off the break and finally push the gas pedal.
      • After only five minutes you become a professional Trabant driver, and we will be happy to welcome you into our Tabant Family.
      • You will race through the bright streets of Berlin powered by the energy of 26 horses! (26 horse power engine).
      • If you are thirsty, in your Trabi you will find a cooler with water, Coca-Cola and other drinks absolutely for free!
      • You can also have a personal guide who will (from the main car of the “Trabi Convoy”) tell you great stories about Berlin’s history and city life over the radio.
      • You’ll just turn on your radio and you will hear your guide.
      • After the trip, and getting to know more about Trabant, every driver will get his/her own "Trabi-driving license". with an original GDR - STAMP
      • In addition, all of you will get coffee and pancakes in our restaurant for Free!!!!!!!!

  • Rent a Trabant
      • After a short briefing by our Team, you can drive the Trabi on your own.
      • Just drive, drive, and drive, feel the air of the freedom and don’t forget to fill up the fuel tank.
      • The Trabant Driver gets his/her own Trabi-driving license with an original GDR - STAMP


The Driver has to have a valid driver’s license from their country of residence and a passport.