One day Potsdam Tour

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Duration: Approx. 8 hours
Distance: Approx. 6 miles / 10 km

Price for a Students. 34€
Price for a Adults. 36€

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The Highlights of our Tour:

If you want to get away from modern Berlin and fall into the history of the 18th through the 20th centuries and imagine yourself at the court of  Prussian Kings, then Potsdam should be the first place on your list. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed parks, museums and stately palaces of Potsdam are only 30 minutes away from Berlin by local commuting train. You will get to visit the magnificent New Palace, Summer Residence of Friedrich Wilhelm IV (Charlottenhof), the Sansoucci Palace and park and the Orangerie. After a lunch break in one of the beer gardens you will see the Roman baths.

Safety - Potsdam is one of the most bike-friendly cities. Our tour will take you through the safest ways, following the bike roads and park paths.



You will also see the Bridge of Spies, Glienicke Bridge, one of the most important Cold War sites in Berlin-Potsdam. Today people exchange currencies, back then they exchanged spies, so that “the precious information” would not be in hands of the adversary. Our knowledgeable guide will tell you the Cold stories of that time.

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Bikes - Our new bikes with three gears, thick tires and wide, soft seats will make the bike tour easy and relaxing. Our airless wide tires will make the bike ride softly and be more stable.  You will be able to choose your own level of pedal-pushing effort as well as regulate the height of your seat and handlebars. We also provide baby-seats for your children (3-5 years) and baskets for your personal belongings. In addition you get a lock for your bike in case you need to leave it, go for a walk or visit a cafe.